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CNC machining services for a wide range of industries and applications:

We are a full-service certified manufacturing shop whether it be prototyping, production, or assembly packages. We provide state of the art precision 5 axis machining of complex parts with quick turnaround times.

Precision 5 Axis CNC Machining

Maxprecisionmfg conquers complex part manufacturing with state of the art 5-axis CNC machining techniques and approaches.

Quick Turn Prototyping as fast as 2 Days

Time is money for our clients and we understand it. Meeting deadlines and producing parts quickly has never been more critical.

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Documented Quality

Maxprecisionmfg QMS is certified to ISO9001 and is ITAR registered with the DDTC. Our team ensures that all parts and assemblies passing through meet the requirements of our customers. Our quality team is ASQ certified and possesses a wealth of experience in maintaining compliance to relevant ITAR controls, verifying MTR’s, setting up process controls, and creating FAI reports.

To ensure efficiency, we utilize Jobboss² ERP system to do all our manufacturing planning, machine preventative maintenance, estimates, quotes, work orders, training, etc.

Our FAI Reports, inspection planning, and calibration records are conducted using the Net Inspect quality management system.

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Reducing the 8 Wastes to Shorten Lead Time and Lower Costs

Reducing the 8 Wastes to Shorten Lead Time and Lower Costs

Lean manufacturing and its 8 wastes of manufacturing are popularly remembered by the acronym, DOWNTIME(Defects, Overproduction, Waiting, Non-Utilization of Personal, Transportation, Inventory, Motion, Excessive Processing). Taiichi Ohno(1912-1991)of Toyota Motor Corporation first...

Zero Defects: Bringing Quality to Every Step of Manufacturing

Zero Defects: Bringing Quality to Every Step of Manufacturing

The idea of Zero Defects was first introduced by Dr. Phil Cosby in 1979 in his book, “Quality is free” and elaborated later in another of his book “Absolutes of Quality Management”. In the former, the author suggests that by improving quality the waste of defect is reduced and so are the...

Counterfeit Material Prevention

Counterfeit Material Prevention

Maintaining the integrity of supply chains so that products perform as intended every time.   1. Introduction. The unapproved version or the counterfeit products been changed, recognized, or claimed by a supplier other than the legally authorized one are known as Counterfeit products....

Multi-Axis Turning Machines

Multi-Axis Turning Machines

tolerance within .0001 on complex geometry   Turning is still and has been one of the most widely spread machining methods even before the era of CNC machines. The common definition is that it is a metal removal process used for machining rotary parts, thus the main rotation...

In-house calibration

In-house calibration

NIST attributability to confirm that outcome of the measurements is authentic.   1) Introduction Instrumental calibration is essential and obligatory part of synchronized laboratories. The initial calibration process usually starts with options like outsourcing the service or managing...

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